Consulting Pharmacists

Consulting Pharmacists

Mallatt’s Homecare Pharmacy believes consulting services play a very important role in the safety and well being of the patients and the staff. Our consultant pharmacists maintain a close relationship with facility staff and with prescribing doctors to achieve positive drug therapy programs for each of the residents. Mallatt’s Homecare Pharmacy offers the following consulting services:

pharmacistAnnual Resident Medication Review:
The consultant pharmacist is available to do remote or on-site Annual Medication Reviews per specific facility policy. The facility is responsible for contacting the consultant pharmacist to schedule Annual Reviews.

Medication Regimen Review for Significant Change in Medication or Condition:
The consultant pharmacist is available to conduct Medication Regimen Reviews for significant changes in medications or conditions.

Annual Medication Administration and Medication Storage System Inspection:
The consultant pharmacist is available to complete on-site Medication Administration and Storage inspections on an annual basis. A written report is then provided to the facility, outlining all findings and irregularities for appropriate action.

Quarterly Psychotropic Medication Reviews:
The consultant pharmacist is available to complete Quarterly Psychotropic Reviews. An individual resident report is compiled and may include physician or nursing recommendations.